Hot water systems are significant energy consumers in homes. To manage costs, consider installing an efficient heat pump hot water system. These systems use less energy to heat water and can be powered by renewable energy sources.

Eligible hot water systems and installations qualify for the Solar Victoria rebate, additional VEEC rebates, and STCs (Federal Government incentives). Learn more below.

This option is suitable for homes where solar panels are not feasible or for those who already have solar panels and want to reduce carbon emissions, contribute to a cleaner environment, and combat climate change.

Read below to find out more about potential rebates for your upcoming installation.

What we offer

Hot water system changeovers from,

  • Gas or electric to a new heat pump or electric hot water system

*Interested in a Solar PV system installations aswell? Read more on the SOLAR page.

Rebates & Loans

Solar Victoria Rebate (State government)

The Hot water rebate of $1,000 provided by Solar Victoria may be available to eligible customers replacing or installing one of the following *Eligibility criteria applies.

  • Replacement of electric heater,
  • Replacement of heat pump,
  • Replacement of gas water system

Sleeth Electrical Pty Ltd will guide you through the whole process applying for the applicable rebate through Solar Victoria. This means that you will have a lower upfront cost making it more affordable to begin installation.

We, Sleeth Electrical Pty Ltd have partnered with Zip Pay if you require additional finance options with 0% interest *subject to loan amount. This may also be suitable for those who may not be eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate but wish to lower their upfront costs.

You can view the Solar Victoria website or contact us for more information.

STC Rebates (Federal Government)

STC – Small Scale Technology Certificate

STCs are a type of currency that you can earn by installing renewable energy systems (such as solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pumps) that meet certain criteria.

The SRES (Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme) is a program run by the Federal Government that allows you to claim a specific number of STCs when you install an eligible system.

Who gets the STC Rebate?

The Federal Government offers a rebate (STC – Small scale technology certificates) to all customers on eligible installations. It will be automatically taken off your total system cost leaving you with a lower upfront cost. Whether you install solar or a hot water system you will receive the STC rebate through us.

As our valued customer, we prioritize making the process easy and seamless for you. Rest assured, we handle all necessary paperwork for the applicable rebates.

VEECs Rebate

VEEC – Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are digital certificates generated under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. These certificates are produced when specific energy-efficient activities are carried out in residential or non-residential premises. Each VEEC represents a reduction of one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂-e). Energy retailers purchase these certificates to fulfil their annual obligations under the program. The VEECs play a crucial role in helping the Victorian government achieve its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from households.

The VEEC rebate is only available on electric or gas hot water system replacements and eligible system models. We will tailor the best option to meet your requirements and ensure you can take advantage of any applicable rebates.

If eligible, the Solar Victorian hot water rebate of $1,000 plus STC and VEEC’s taken off your total invoice will reduce the overall cost and reduce your payback period.